Sunday, September 27

Why I hate Indian news channels

News channels meant to show the truth. But something opposite is happening with Indian news channels. They are always trying to hide the truth.

Do you know what I used to believe that Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is doing everything right. But now things are not going like that. You might think the topic was about Indian news channels and why I did mention Mr. Narendra Modi. Keep reading your doubts will be cleared.

India news channels are only showing bulshits news which covers news about Pakistan or what India has bought or the military power of India, Nothing else. I still remember when the Hydrabad rape Incident occurred Indian news channels were shocking ” Khabardar Pakistan”. Why the hell they want to warn Pakistan. Condition inside the country is not right, and you are broadcasting these bulshits. have you gone made Indian news channels.

I mentioned Mr. Narendra Modi here because I haven’t seen him speaking about that Haydrabad case and the surprising part is that I even don’t know whether he is in India or not. I think Mr. Modi is going Manmohan’s way. In Mr. Manmohan’s case, Soniya Gandhi was handling everything and in Mr. Modi’s case, Amit shah is handling everything.

I want Mr. Narendra Modi to understand that we have chosen him as Prime minister of India not Amit Shah.

And of course Indian News media is of no use at all. They just show bulshits.

Today they are talking about some bill that is related to Muslims. I want to ask News channels and Government of India that what we will do with Kashmir if you can’t handle the remaining country, I want to ask what we will do of military force if their sisters and mothers are not Protected, I want to ask what we will do of Ram Mandir If Mata Sheeta is not Protected, I want to ask ask and only ask.

I request Indian News channels to first broadcast the reality so that the government can Work accordingly. The media should not be under the control of the government else the government should be in control of Media. The media has the right to tell government that whatever they are doing is wrong.

This is my humble request to Indian news channels please stop broadcasting news which is just a piece of shit. Ask the government to take strict action against the people who are doing wrong.

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