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Truths of life

This world is registering an enormous increase in competition every day. This competition results in many factors such as depression, tension, or sometimes suicide. Actually, it is not the competition which is killing you, but its the truths of life which make you do so.

Since childhood we are told, what is right, what is wrong, with whom should we sit, with whom we should talk but no one taught us how to be happy, how to increase the efficiency of life, how to enjoy life or how to be great in life.

Below are some real-life truths which will make you think about your life from a new angle.

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Truth is simple, but the moment you try to explain it, it becomes difficult

Your mind is a magnet. Thoughts get attracted to it every day.
If you always think of blessings, you attract more blessings.
If you always think of problems, you attract more problems.
Always keep good thoughts & speak good words…. so that you attract them always.

It is easy to run away, hard to awake

Life has been given for the purpose and so that we can lead the purest form of life.
It is very easy to run away from everything, yet difficult to wake up; don’t run from your life, from your duties, from those around you; awake to them!

No one has enough time to judge you, but everyone has time to criticize you.

From childhood we are taught that don’t do this, don’t wear this what will people think of you. But the fact is that no one in this world have enough time to judge you. They only want to criticize you for whatever you have done.

Everyone is confused between wants and needs

We strive every day to live happily, we strive every day to earn more, we strive every day for love. But we don’t know what is the difference between wants and needs.

Want is something which we desire of and need is something which we require to live our life. having an expensive car is need. Eating good food is a need.

Everyone in this world will be going to die.

No one in this world is permanent, no matter who is he. Everyone takes birth for a cause. But this like easy said. Loved one is a loved one.

You need to accept this fact that everyone will gonna one die one day and you need to suffer that loss.

Success don’t have any selection criteria

Your physical appearance, height, and completion matter 1% for your success. Rest 99% is your hard work. Everything is an excuse. there are many celebrities who are not fair but they achieved success. there are many personalities with disabilities but they have contributed more than an ordinary person.

We give our life meanings. If you feel your life is meaningless, It’s your fault.

If you have ever felt like that your life has no meaning then its completely your fault. Stop blaming others for your fault. Wake up and start working. You are the master of yourself, no one can define your life, You need to explain it.

The life you are living right now is the dream for many people

You might complain about things that you don’t have. But there are many people who desire to have a life like you. You are able to read this but there are thousands of people who don’t know how to read. Thank god for whatever you have instead of complaining.

People will ruin the happiness of others just because they can’t find there’s

You might have noticed or seen that whenever you achieve success people start behaving strangely. They feel sad for success you have acquired. They can’t accept the thought that how you can reach this level. Believe me, only your parents feel proud of whatever good you have done else just behave like they are happy.

Someday you will gonna miss today

Complaining right now about things you don’t have, luxuries you don’t have but there will be a day, when you will feel that, those days were great than you are living today.

You can’t please everyone, if you try to do so, you will be in trouble

You might have seen that whenever you try to do good, there is someone who will always say that, this is not good or something similar. But my dear friend, you cannot make everyone happy you need to understand that if you are good with something then its OK to do that.

You can’t be perfect and faking that might cause you trouble.

Many people try to be perfect but there is no one perfect in this world. Even the creator of this universe is not perfect he had also done many mistakes. Stop running away from yourself and admit the truth. This is the reason which will surely gonna make you happier.

Your action speaks louder than your Words.

Many people claim to be rich or many people claims to be intelligent but the fact is you don’t need to claim yourself for anything. People will automatically find this out.

Comparing your chapter 1 to somebody else chapter 9 is pure stupidity.

You might find yourself also in this situation. Never compare yourself with other instead compare yourself with you only and see the result. You will be surprised, when you see that you are taking half the time, than other person to acquire the same goal.

Every lie has an expiry date

When we lie for something it might give us temporary happiness but in the long run, it will gonna hurt us. So it is better that we don’t lie else we will surely going to face some trouble.

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