Friday, September 18

Kirchhoff Law

Kirchhoff Current Law

It states that the sum of outgoing current at any node is equal to the sum of incoming current.

Outgoing current = Incoming current

For example:

In the Example below Incoming Current i.e. I1+I2+I3 is equal to outgoing current I4

I1+I2+I3-I4 = 0
I1+I2+I3 = I4

Kirchoff Voltage Law

It states that the algebraic sum of all the voltage across a closed circuit is equal to zero.

From the Example below it is clear that

V = V1 + V2
V = IR1+ IR2
V-V1-V2 = 0 

Extra Stuff:

In SeriesIn Parallel
Current remains the sameVoltage remains the same
Voltage DividesCurrent Divides

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