Thursday, September 17

I BELIEVE IN YOU (Romantic story)


Clash of the first eye is that at home 
View was touched to the heart 

Wished he had me meet you,
which was exquisitely you me hiding 

at the values persistence me to meet you 

scent because she went to appeal your hair  
that was the day rang my heart bell
was because they sound bell of your feet as bin notes 
and tunes of the music you’ve got a good feeling   

like a love heart strings of the violin had heard 
that I miss you‘d find that I every leisure   

was lost as if on it and with you 
with sea meet have left in waves as if  you’re crying cloud treated you 

remember this splutter comes every day in your memory!
this splutter comes every day in your memory! it was good 

Those days when you want me again look  
was my good luck that somehow you of only could never dare you to call because it insisted, love did you respect  

made to tell how many of these people I saved  my semester (semesters) exam worsening in your quest for the  forced curry friends asked me to join you  should not be stuck somewhere started torturing the worry over night

then mustered up the courage, and flowers Sector approached – 
that combines let them,  that does not make sense to go without you in my life  

forget how then both the days  when you laugh had stabbed my heart  you permission to love not sought the public eye 

Yes eye was me go smiling to you the path Paint  
rafts sinking feeling both of the night by  the desire to have the same hunger and thirst erased both  
came again that day that we wait two had  had to watch the wedding that moment it out ever do not forget tongue tied when we are lacking in that bond  

may have been missing something that combine  
either me or you do not understand this relationship  
go and forget his past fights  
a little faith learn upon me  

Do not press me on everything-
that  anger I bear my everyday you  
sometimes endured my anger 
always earn yourself so much
makes it sometimes made me 
sometimes it made me

Because I just simply believe you  

do because I just simply believe you 

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