Friday, September 18

How to be happy ( 7 best ways ) || Real Zindagi

There are many ways to live happily:-

Be You:

The first and most important thing to live a happy life is to be yourself. It implies being natural. Don’t try to become what you are not. Don’t focus on pretending to others. Being yourself will provide contentment to oneself and that is the most important in life.


Be Honest:-

Being Honest with oneself is the most important in one person’s life. Due to wearing fake masks in today’s time, a person is forgetting about oneself. A person becomes fake not only with others but also with himself.

These fake masks can’t provide any happiness, these can provide only tensions, anger, hatred towards oneself and others.

  • Don’t compare yourself with others:-

Everyone is unique, Everyone is beautiful in oneself. We must not compare our lives with others, as compare ourselves with our own past lives.

Why we should waste our precious time by comparing ourselves with others as we know everyone has some hidden treasure.

So, we must utilize our precious time on our own to discover those hidden treasures.
  • Be a Grateful Person:-

We must be a grateful person i.e. we must be thankful to God for providing such a beautiful life to us.
We must be thankful for the things we have, and not to feel regret for the things we don’t have.
  • Always prefer relationships over money:-

To be happy, the main thing is to prefer relations over money, because money is not everything for which we spoil our relations.
So, we should always prefer our family, friends, relationship, clients over money.
  • Give time to oneself:-

If a person wants to live happily, then he has to start giving some quality time to oneself in terms of good health, peace of mind. For this, he must do:-
  1. ) For good health, must do some exercise.
  2. ) For peace of mind, do meditation for 10-15 minutes a day to know about oneself.

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