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How to start a blog in 2020

Starting a blog is a great idea

But…how the heck do you get going? There is a lot of information available on the net, and everyone’s suggesting to do things that are various. Who would you tune in to? Where is the starting place?

how to start a blog in 2020

Damnit, perhaps you need to just forget it – it is too confusing!

I guarantee it will be uncomplicated, simple, and absolutely easy to learn (no stupid jargon). Sound great?

Awesome, we need to go on.

Why Should your Start Blogging?

So below, I am going to tell you what you need to start your own blog and how should you keep going. Before we dive in, I truly wish to speak about WHY you ought to create a blog site.

how to start a blog

Note: In case you currently have a good concept of the whys, then simply skip this and also go right ahead together with the guidebook.

Blogging has rapidly become one of the most favored methods of communicating and spreading news and info.

There are literally countless blogs online (don’t care, you are able to make yours stand out for noticed!).

It is a good way to express yourself and in addition a wonderful way to talk about info with others.

You come to be a much better person and a much better writer.
The most effective explanation? You are able to make cash doing it!
I think you knew all of that, though it is good to be reminded.

A very last thing before we get started:

Creating your very own blog is able to take some time, most likely up to thirty minutes. And so grab yourself a coffee or even juice (whatever you fancy) and we need to be caught in. In case you want some assistance during the setup process, get in contact with me right here and I will assist as best I can and respond to some questions you may have).

Disclosure: This guide to putting up your own personal blog site has several affiliate links. If you purchase some service through one of those links I might generate a small commission, this's at no additional expense to you.

The best way to Start a Blog in 5 Steps:

There are five primary steps you have to do in order to begin a blog site. When you stick to this guide exactly, you will have your own personal blog set up in thirty minutes or less.

  • Choose a Platform
  • Choose hosting for your blog
  • Setup blog on your Domain
  • Design your blog
  • Helpful sources for blogging

Choosing a Platform

Choosing where you wish to develop a blog is really the very first thing you’ve to do. I am planning to shoot a leap and believe you have read of WordPress, along with this’s the platform I advocate. It is huge.

It is undoubtedly one of the leading blogging platforms in the world, with countless plugins and also adds on and nearly infinite methods to develop and also layout the blog of yours.

You will find much more than 82 million established users of WordPress = a great deal, basically.

platforms for hosting blogs

There are additional alternatives, nonetheless, and they’re listed below:

  • Blogger – Definitely the next greatest thing to WordPress.
  • Tumblr – Half social network, half blog. Interesting, and extremely easy to use.

Although WordPress is larger (and perhaps better) than those 2, here are the reasons of mine why you must still go with WordPress:

  • Super easy setup and costs nothing wear.
  • A lot of free themes and also designs (I am not kidding, there are gazillions).
  • There is an enormous support forum providing you get caught (you will not, though it is good to get it there in case you want it).
  • The blog of yours is going to be insanely fast and it will also appear Form and Functionality – perfect!
  • People are able to interact with you quickly. The content of yours could be shared, commented on, so on.

Choosing Hosting – Free or paid

Whoa, decelerate there! This’s the largest choice you will need to make before we go any further.

You have to determine if you should purchase the blog of yours or even grab a complimentary one.

WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger all offer totally free blogs for all. Amazing, right?

It is ideal for those of us who are not really serious about blogging. Though it can have downsides:

  1. The domain name will not be your Personal

On a totally free blog site, your blog’s web address (the URL) of yours is going to be butt ugly. Like, really terrible. In a nutshell, produce a totally free blog site with other the above free blog products and it will be as this:

2. Limits imposed

There are several limits to free blogs. You cannot fully profit from it, and you do not possess the chance to publish all of those pictures and movies you wish showing everybody – it really is all limited.

Even worse still, you will not often have a chance to access the no cost themes provided by WordPress.

3. You are not the owner of your blog

It may seem silly at first, though you do not really own a blog of yours. It is hosted on somebody else’s web property and so they could delete it in case they wish to.

They’ve done and so within the past, and continue doing it down the road. That means all the hard work of yours on the blog of yours, all those countless hours of creating blog articles may have vanished within seconds. Sad…

On another hand, with a self-hosted blog on your own personal domain name – you’re the actual master of the blog of yours. You will have the ability to name your blog however much you want, for instance, “ or “”.

You are able to stop it, .org,.net,, and almost any other web suffix. Add to that particular unlimited bandwidth for movies, pictures, and content along with the free themes and you have a winning combination.

So just how much is hosting along with a domain name? Not almost as you are thinking, fortunately. It usually computes to approximately 5 dollars to 10 dollars per month, based on your hosting provider that is under a few coffees.


Setup blog on your Domain

I am going to push forward based on the premise you have selected WordPress, and in case you have not, you should. Really, it is the best.

In case you are still a bit confused by what a self-hosted blog site is, enable me to explain and also just how you are able to begin setting a single up on your own.

You will have to think of a domain name you want as well as choose a hosting company that can host a blog of yours.

Domain: The domain name is generally the URL of the site of yours. Examples: ( is the domain), ( is the domain). See? Easy!

Hosting: Hosting is essentially the company that places the site of yours up on the web so everybody else knows it. Everything is preserved there. Think of it as a pc hard-drive on the internet in which the blog of yours will be preserved.

Disclosure: I suggest utilizing Hostgator for web hosting. If you just click through 1 of the backlinks of mine and make a purchase, I am going to receive a percentage, that will help me keep in place and running.

Personally, I use Bluehost (for my blog domain name and hosting), and also I have got only things that are good to say about it.

It is most likely among the lowest (less than three dollars per month) hosting providers out there. A website is going to cost roughly $10 to 15$ a year, but with Bluehost, you are able to obtain that at no cost very first year.

They are the providers I use for many of the blogs of mine, like the individual you are reading at this time.

If for any reason you do not wish to opt for Bluehost, be at liberty to pick your very own hosting company. A majority, if only some of them, need to have a one-click WordPress install formula on their admin panel.

The switch will automatically install WordPress on the website of yours. Did I mention it was easy and what?

All that you have to accomplish is register with Bluehost (or maybe your chosen provider), pick your hosting program along with a URL and also search for the one-click WordPress install a switch on the admin panel.

In case you’re getting stuck at any time this guide might aid as it’s screenshots.

WordPress essentials are not frequently necessary, though I would suggest whois privacy (that can keep all of your private details private) and definitely automated backups (that’ll keep the site of yours in case something fails and disappears which means you will not suffer a loss of any or even hardly any of the blogs) of yours.

Once WordPress is installed on the site of yours, just about all you’ve to do starting blogging is visit your WP-Admin page usually admin and begin writing by including a brand new article.

At the start, the format seems confusing, though it gets really clear quickly. Do not care!

Designing your blog

Today, the fun bit.

Let us make your blog look precisely how you like it. To select a brand new design, you are able to often head to Appearance > Themes and also use a complimentary WordPress theme or maybe you are able to head to a premium design site as and purchase a design for around forty dollars.

I typically choose something which looks professional and pretty simple to customize.

WordPress also offers this great feature which enables you to change themes with only a few clicks.

And so in case you begin getting fed up with your present blog template, you are able to simply move to yet another one without losing any special images or material.

Don’t forget, your blog’s structure should reflect both you and the individuality of yours, but also what the website is about.

There is simply no time with a football orientated theme when your blog is about tennis, understand?

In addition to that, it must be very easy to navigate whether you want folks to stick around.

If it is difficult and tricky to go around it, folks will not stay. After all, style is a very subjective art; which means everybody wants things that are different.

Though no one likes ugly sites, and they particularly hate websites that need a faculty degree to navigate. Make it simple for them.

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