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Bios Password reset in 2020

BIOS-reset/">how to reset Biosr to format my laptop, I decided to remove my bios password. Instead of removing there was an option to change the password so I did that, but instead of filling a new password I left empty fields… Now, whenever my pc starts it asks for a password and as I said my password field was empty so in this case, I will tell you how to reset Bios Password…

  If you are also stuck, Don’t panic you will short out this problem in a fraction of seconds

 I started to search on web Bios password recovery, Bios password reset in laptop, bios password recovery laptop, bios password reset, bios password forgot, bios password master generated, bios password for sony and many more.   

Bios Password reset
Bios Problem

If you have locked out you will see that there is a window who is asking for a one-time password. This is the most important thing you have to do you need to copy that one time password this is the only thing that can help you out.

Bios password reset
Bios System disable

  After investing my whole day I came to a website that unlocked my pc in 15 seconds. There were many searches that were asking for money but before trying out that I request you to follow this simple strategy, Who knows if this works out.

When my Bios got locked I was afraid and start to search for recovery method I come across these solutions:-  

  • Pay for one-time password
  • Remove Cmos battery for about  30 minutes
  • Visit the official service center
  • Crack Bios password for free

I did not prefer to pay for password recovery so I moved to the second option that is removing Cmos Battery but this step also did not work for me. So I called my laptop manufacturer call center and they advise me to visit their service center as they will provide me with a one-time recovery password.

So before visiting a service center, I thought of giving myself a last try and I started to visit some of the sites again and at last, I found a site that is really helpful for me and recover my bios password in a fraction of second. 

Websites which I recommended to give a try for unlocking your bios are as follows:-  

bios password reset


bios password reset
1024kb image

To be honest my bios were unlocked by using codes from 1024kb. If none of the upper ways works then I request you to visit the official service center. Please don’t pay those who are asking for money to open your bios. If you have any other question feel free to ask me by commenting in the comment box. I will get back to you soon.

Still not clear check out this link :

I hope These hacks might help you to reset your BIOS password. If you have any question comment below


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