Saturday, September 26

Unlock Bios using 1024KB

Stuck at BIOS, need to restore it. Try 1024kb. This is a free website that will help you to unlock your BIOS password. Most of the laptops are supported- Give it a try it’s totally free

I am referring 1024KB here because once I was also stuck at BIOS and I lost my 30$ to pay for the BIOS password. But after many searches, I found 1024KB and I am so thankful that it helped me to restore my BIOS password at once.

If you are also facing the same problem I would suggest trying 1024kb before visiting the service center. Who knows it might help you to save money.

Resetting the BIOS password using 1024kb is too simple. To reset the BIOS password using 1024Kb follow following steps:-

Bios System Disable
  1. Visit 1024kb website
  2. Enter code which appears after three incorrect attempts (similar to the above screenshot which says system disable)
  3. Bingo! your Bios is unlocked
1024kb bios reset image

If your BIOS password is not yet reset using this website then I would suggest you to read these two more articles:

I hope these might help you to unlock BIOS . If you have any question feel free to comment below

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